Novel WritersWyl Menmuir, The Many

Thursday 26 January 2017, 6.30–8pm

Yaa Gyasi, photograph by Michael Lionstar

Novel WritersYaa Gyasi Homegoing

Wednesday 25 January 2017, 7–8pm

Photograph courtesy David Grove

Novel WritersAdam Biles, Feeding Time

Thursday 24 November 2016, 6.30–8pm

Photograph courtesy Max Freeman

Novel WritersGarth Greenwell, What Belongs to You

Sunday 16 October 2016, 6–7.30pm

Novel WritersNadim Safdar, Akram's War

Thursday 29 September 2016, 6.30pm

Claire Fuller

Novel WritersClaire Fuller, Our Endless Numbered Days

Thursday 28 July 2016, 6.30pm

Photograph courtesy Justine Stoddart

Novel WritersKit de Waal My Name is Leon

Thursday 30 June 2016, 6.30–8pm

Andrew Hurley photograph by Joanna Hurley

Novel WritersAndrew Michael Hurley The Loney

Thursday 26 May 2016, 6.30–8pm

Rachel B. Glaser

Novel WritersCancelled: Rachel B.Glaser, Paulina and Fran

Tuesday 26 April 2016, 6.30–8pm

Image credit David Stewart

Novel WritersKate Tempest, The Bricks that Built the Houses

Tuesday 12 April 2016, 6.30–7.30pm

Joanna Walsh, image courtesy And Other Stories

Novel WritersJoanna Walsh, Vertigo

Thursday 31 March 2016, 6.30–8pm

Brian Catling, photograph by David Tolley. Cover image courtesy Hodder & Stoughton.

Novel WritersBrian Catling, The Vorrh

Thursday 28 January 2016, 6.30–8pm