Spike Island

Spike Associates at Tate Exchange

At Tate Modern, Switch House, Level 5

Thursday 2 and Friday 3 February 2017, 12–6pm (free, drop in anytime)

Co-create with Spike Associates through an exchange of images, words, objects and sounds.

Join us to create a piece of work that will chronicle hundreds of conversations and exchanges between Tate Modern visitors and members of Spike Associates over two days at Tate Exchange.

We have constructed a scale model of our shared workspace in Bristol as a base for you to drop in and experience a miniature version of the Spike Associates programme, which is formed around an ongoing discussion about art, ideas, images and objects. Using this as a starting point, we are responding to our new environment – in and around Tate Modern – by gathering experiences, photographs, videos, sounds, objects, drawings and writing, instigating a quickly expanding, temporary collection within Tate Exchange.

We invite you to donate your own items to the collection to kick off the discussion. You can share images or audio from your phone, words, web links, an object you have found or made, a skill you would like to pass on, experiences you have had or ideas that are important to you today. Whatever you bring can be documented, archived or displayed.

Drop in for show and tells, open group discussions, one to one conversations, or just to look, listen and rest.

You are an honorary Spike Associate today.

Find out more about Tate Exchange here.