Spike Island

Test Space exhibition: I WISH YOU ILL AND HOPE YOU SUFFER AS MUCH AS I HAVE by Andrew Litten

A new Test Space exhibition by Andrew Litten opens 4 September and runs until 18 September. I WISH YOU ILL AND HOPE YOU SUFFER AS MUCH AS I HAVE brings a malevolent collection of works motivated by negative emotions and creative subversion to the Spike Island Test Space. The exhibition, which includes mixed media painting, sculpture, assemblages and prints, is intended to pique interest in technique as well as in its highly emotional content by mixing traditional and contemporary materials within an unfashionably expressionistic approach to art making.

Andrew Litten’s work stirs from the groin – that place of raw bestiality and tenderest compassion. It is the place we all fear; a place of the extreme duality and conflicting, barely controllable urges – a bipolarity of our human beast within. (Jane Boyer)

Litten's recent solo shows include ID Smear at Motorcade/Flashparade in 2013 and Millennium St Ives in 2012, guest artist at L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, London in 2012 and This Is Real at Oo Gallery, New York in 2011. In 2014 Andrew’s work has been shown at the 54th Venice Biennale with WW Gallery and at Armory Show Week in New York with See|Gallery and he has a forthcoming exhibiton, Ordinary Bodies / Ordinary Bones at Newlyn Art Gallery.

Opening Times: 4–18 September, 12pm-5pm. Closed Mondays